Thanksgiving Bingo Cards

Are you looking for a kid-friendly Thanksgiving activity that is fun, easy to organize, and even sneaks in some educational benefits?

Why not play Thanksgiving bingo?

Thanksgiving at my house is a crazy buzz of family members of every age taking part in a celebration of all we have to be thankful for.

The only downside of having so many people together is that the kids sometimes get lost in the shuffle and grow bored. Boredom leads to mischief. In order to prevent shenanigans, my aunts always have a few games or activities prepared to keep the kids occupied. A perrenial favorite is bingo.

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The bingo cards we use look like this:

There is space for 4 cards on each sheet of paper. Click here to print 8 Thanksgiving bingo cards that you can use for free! If you have trouble viewing the cards, (most don’t) that just means you have not yet installed Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer yet. It’s free to use and only takes a moment to install. If you’ve not played bingo in awhile, you might have forgotten that you need a call list to go with your bingo cards. You can get the call list for the 8 free Thanksgiving bingo cards here.

A little rusty on how to play bingo? Here’s a quick overview of the game. Feel free to mix things up to suit you and your players!

How to play Thanksgiving Bingo

Step 1 – Everyone marks off their Free Space. (You can use any number of things as markers. My aunt, who plays bingo with her friends, uses a big green marker.Stickers are a hit with the kids. Small candies work well as markers so long as everyone agrees not to eat the pieces until after the final round of Thanksgiving bingo is finished!)

Step 2 – One person(you) randomly calls out words from the the card. As each word is called out, players mark the word on their cards.

Step 3 – When a player fills up a row, diagonal, or column, they shout “bingo!” Once the person who called out the words confirms that all the marked words were called, the player is declared a winner. There is no rule that says Thanksgiving bingo is restricted to having just one winner. Feel free to keep playing for mulitiple winners or until the prizes run out!

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Are You a Bingo Enthusiast?

If you enjoy bingo and also like free educational tools then you’ll enjoy the collection of educational and holiday-themed bingo cards available for free at our main website. (We have about 450 different bingo games on our main website that you can print. Each includes at least 8 free cards.)

If you’d like to stay constantly updated on what bingo games other parents and teachers are finding useful, simply copy this text: (begin copy after dash) – <script src=””″” type=””text/javascript””></script> by <a href=””””>Bingo Card Creator</a> – (end copy before dash) into your blog or website. Copying that script into your site also help your friends, family, and coworkers learn about this site. I really appreciate that! (If you know a teacher who might find this service useful, please forward the link, and thanks!)

Wishing you the happiest of Thanksgivings and a fulfilling tomorrow,


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